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Introversion and Teaching.

I have a couple of questions for my fellow teacher/education followers about a subject that peaks my interest. Introversion and Extroversion. I’ve observed numerous resources on here, and probably reblogged a few of them. My first maybe somewhat personal question is: Do you consider yourself for be an introvert, or an extrovert? A mixture of the two? My second and more important question, do you think this consideration affects your teaching? For better or for worse? How does it affect your teaching specifically?

I’m so glad I read “Quiet” by Susan Cain, I couldn’t recommend it enough! For me, I am a definite introvert - who is able to (at times) fake an extroverted personality. I’m able to act as if teaching a large does not overwhelm me  (it doesn’t all the time) As if I’m not put off my large groups of new people. I am able to quickly note individual pupils who struggle, I’m able to start conversations with them about their lives and make them laugh, I worry that my pupils are finding the material too hard, or too easy. I really like quiet in my classroom. With colleagues, I prefer to deal with them over e-mail and over the phone, instead of face to face. 

I find it difficult to keep on top of large amounts of group work, and respond to misbehaviour if I am occupied - this is something I have identified as a weakness and seek to get better at. 

I try to be mindful of both the introverts and the extroverts in my class. I try to plan a lot of individual activities, and usually go for paired activities instead of activities with large groups, in an attempt to not overwhelm my introverted pupils, or my introverted self. Do you try to cater for your introverted/extroverted pupils? 

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