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Lesson Evaluations…

So, it’s that time of year where I want to think about my strengths and weaknesses and what I would like to do is complete a small evaluation of my teaching with every pupil that I have, assuming I get permission. This has been my first secondary placement and of course I have had highs and lows, but I feel I’m only getting so much from my mentor - my real mentors should surely be my pupils, right?

I’m aiming to complete a short evaluation for pupils aged 11-16, and would like to keep it straight to the point, and try to minimise any cause for them being rude. I’m thinking, perhaps a series of ticked boxes that are in-line with the General Teaching Guidelines and then a few opportunities for them to comment.

What do you guys think?

Any ideas for potential questions I could ask?

Also, it’s a long weekend and I got a new Xbox!

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  2. littlemissscience said: I think that is a great idea. I didn’t have the courage to do that with my 9th graders, mostly because they’re rude, and I don’t really need a blow to my self-esteem right now. If I were trying to find good questions to ask, I would ask Google :)
  3. geofaultline said: Do it! I always ask what could I have done different to better prepare you? And what suggestions do you have for me to improve for next year.
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