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I’m looking for your opinion…

I cannot stop debating this in my head, and it’s making it impossible for me to commit it to paper.

I can’t decide if we can have a liberal democracy - where our pupils are ‘free’ to make their own choices and still have education, where we are telling pupils that values are important. I’ll use an example: In the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, the four values are Wisdom, Justice, Compassion and Integrity. If we are telling pupils that these values are important, can we really say that our pupils are ‘free’ 

Would pupils grow up to value these if we hadn’t placed it in their heads?

Education exists to ensure that our young people can grow up to question the information they are given, but can they question the values that society deems important? Should they be able to?

I have written 2000 words so far, I can’t decide anything.


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  2. wonderfulslumber answered: yes, we should teach students the skills to speak up for injustices that they encounter in their everyday lives. this is critical pedagogy
  3. thirtysomethingadventures said: So if at the end of the day a student chooses to accept or reject a belief or value AND can articulate why, it seems to me education was successful.
  4. samwidges said: There’s a difference between education and indoctrination. We can present what we believe the best way to be is, and then educate them about the world and other views - for every lesson on our values, we should talk about other people’s values… ?
  5. tom-a-hodge answered: All I can think of to say is the phrase ‘Hidden Curriculum’, you know, like kids learning by what is done rather than what is said.
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  9. tiptoelightlypastmymind said: There are ideas that we embrace to make us better people. I think there should be a way to teach compassion without instilling inflexibility (setting them up later in life to question and choose what’s best for themselves).
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